Why is Homegrown Weed Good?

A cannabis enthu-cutlet? Or a newbie? Doesn’t matter. Many of you might have come across a dilemma that should you grow weed or just buy it from some dispensary? We are sure a plenty of you might have considered the first one.

If you stall, haven’t you ever pondered the advantages of growing your own weed? Maybe you must now. Growing cannabis will help cut down the expense of buying it just along with giving you an amazing experience.

Growing cannabis may appear to be muddled with the super-advanced technology out there. However, one must keep in mind that it gets complicated only when you make it. If you might want to save some money, you shouldn’t consider growing your own pot. Different people have different techniques, but growing weed is actually pretty easy.

Why is Homegrown Weed Better than Buying From Vendor

Well, both of them have their own sets of advantages. However, we might suggest you to opt for growing your weed on your own. Here is why:

You Know What You Are Consuming:

Perhaps the most serious issue with buying weed is that you never truly know what is in it. Is the pot that you are consuming showered by a hefty amount of pesticides? Is it contaminated? Who can say for sure?

Your dealer is probably not going to advise you. But by growing your own weed, you can establish proper control over everything and consume the finest quality marijuana.

It offers you the chance to dry and fix your own cannabis. Curing marijuana is the process by which you break down the chlorophyll left in the bud so as to improve the quality of weed, making it smoother to smoke.

This is one of the biggest reasons why homegrown weed is good cause usually, the weed available in the dispensaries or with the dealers is not properly cured, which does not give an experience that one might relish.

Helps You Save Money:

Weed is costly when you get it yet cheap when you grow it. Depending upon where you live, the expense per gram differs. However, it isn’t that cheap either.

If you might want to save some money, you shouldn’t consider growing your own pot.

Also, don’t feel that to grow weed, you need a super complex, costly grow room. Growing outdoors is the least expensive thing to do. All you need is a seed, soil, water, and light – and nature gives it for free.

Homegrown Weed Gives The Benefit Of Experimentation:

is Homegrown Weed Good

Growing your own weed can yield a considerable amount of bud. Where you would regularly buy the weed from the dealers or the stores, you will probably end up gaining knowledge a lot more than you actually do when you grow yourself. Also, even one marijuana plant can give you a crazy yield.

It gives you the liberty to experiment as well, which you probably would not have done with the purchased one. You can work on making some tinctures, oils, butter, edibles, and a lot more with your homegrown weed. You can also infuse the weed in your food and whatnot.

A Variety of Marijuana Strains to Choose From:

If you don’t have the luxury of acquiring strains or are reliant upon your friends or your dealer, you might often get the strains that are of a cheap quality.

In certain cases, more than one strain might also be offered. However, that is not the standard. Purchasing marijuana seeds and growing your own weed gives you a lot of choices.

Most home cultivators tend to grow more than one plant. Hence, you have the delight of smoking a wide variety of cannabis strains with various potency levels, aromas, and flavors. And, of course, smoking the same thing over and over again might get boring as well.

It Bothers Me When You Don’t Run Out Of Weed:


Until and unless you do not live in Barcelona or Amsterdam, you will not have the option to chose some bud from a menu – if there’s any whatsoever, depending upon the place you live! You might mostly be dependent upon what the dealers or dispensaries have to serve you there.

When you grow your own weed, you can get an option to get rid of the subpar weed—also, no shoddy calls to the dealers.

An Endless Prospect of Things To Do With The Leftover Plant:

A lot of you might know, not only the flower but the entire cannabis plant can be used. Be it leaves, the trimmings, sugar leaves, or the stems – they all contain cannabinoids and can be used to a great impact. Well-known uses of the previously stated parts are making edibles, tinctures, hash, or a leaf cigar.

The prospects are practically eternal. Thus, you can make the most out of your yield this way.

Growing Cannabis Is Easy:

If you have ever come across some articles about growing cannabis, it might feel like you are studying to become a surgeon. Frankly, it is not as complex as it feels, particularly when you stick to easy-to-grow strains and starter setups that can be bought as a complete set.

Obviously, there are many advanced methods and cultivation styles, yet you can get to those later. You can leap on that later.

Are you convinced that homegrown weed is good, as well? We hope it is a yes. However, a lot of you might be dicey if the homegrown weed will be potent enough or not. Well, given below are a few things you must take into consideration for ensuring that your yield is potent enough.

Genetics and Choosing the Right Strain:

Genetics is the main factor that determines THC potency with regards to homegrown marijuana. Genetics will direct the maximum measure of THC and other cannabinoids a specific strain will deliver.

While you can use different cultivating strategies to increase THC, that actually will not be sufficient to surpass as far as possible set by the plant’s genetics.

To grow weed with potency and high degrees of THC, it’s indispensable to plant seeds from a high-potency, high-THC strain. Find different strains of cannabis so you can choose which is the most potent one, and buy seeds from a well-known breeder.

Harvesting Time: 

A lot of cultivators fail to understand that they are reaping their buds too soon. It will drastically decrease the yields along with the potency. Hang tight for the two weeks during the blossoming stage when the buds are at their highest THC level.

This is because the trichomes (the minute resin glands) on the buds will turn a milky white, while simultaneously, the majority of the little white hair on the buds will have started to twist in and turn darker.

Take Care of The Plants: 

If you want your plants to have a more potent yield, you will have to ensure that your plants are healthy and are taken care of. That can happen if your plants get abundant light during the flowering process. Therefore, it is imperative for you to feed your plants with vital nutrients to boost their growth.

Moreover, stay away from common planting mistakes, for example, over-watering and under-watering, helpless lighting and irregular light cycles, root issues, and basic supplement insufficiencies.

Outdoor cannabis plants need direct sunlight for at least 8 hours per day to deliver the best weed, and indoors you will require high-intensity grow lights to produce high degrees of THC.


While the curing process may not directly affect the THC Levels, it indirectly influences the potency levels’ nature.

This could be done by chemical changes during curing that increases the impacts of THC, just as other cannabinoids. For a certain something, uncured, just as buds harvested too soon, can cause migraines or rambling, disengaged thoughts in certain people. Appropriate curing can reduce these negative results.

To conclude, we can surely agree with the fact that homegrown weed is good too.

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