Light Came on During Dark Cycle – (All Details Laid Bare!)

Like many other growers out there, you have also probably struggled with the light came on during dark cycle issue. 

While it seems like a serious issue, there are a few things you should consider and techniques for solving the problem. Fortunately, this guide looks at everything you need to know about solving this issue.

Ready to start, let us begin.

What is the Light Dark Cycle?

What is light dark cycle?
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Similar to other living things, plants have a preference for lights cycles. These usually feature durations of darkness and light, which vary through different seasons of the year.

In winter, most seeds (and evergreen plants) go through extensive darkness and short light periods. Over time, the winter season gives back to the spring season, and the light hours number increases significantly. However, the dark hours will also decrease at this point.

During the summer months, plants will encounter extensive light periods. These periods also often coincide with decreased darkness periods. Its trend often changes as the summer season converts into the fall, then winter.

Any variations of light and darkness have different impacts on plants. Plus, different plant species experience different effects from the ever-changing light cycles. 

A good example is the 12-hour light/dark cycle is ideal for “STOPPING” the flowering of basil plants. Using this approach confuses the plant to shift its energy to vegetative growth.

In some plant species, 24 hours of continuous light is crucial for inhibiting the flowering process. However, in others, the flowering inhibition mostly relates to short dark cycles and longer light cycles.

What are the Possible Side Effects 

Do buds grow at night
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Even if the issue of lights coming on during the dark cycle occurs, it can sometimes have negative side effects. The issue’s intensity depends on the hours the plant experiences the excessive light issue. 

You generally have to check and determine the frequency of the light failure fast. Your plant should recover if the light failure issue occurs only for 2  – 4 days. However, anything higher than this amount can negatively impact your plant’s growth. 

Some of the notable signs of the light coming on during the dark cycle include:

  • The plants become frail. The lights on during the dark cycle show the plant isn’t getting sufficient rest.
  • The yield reduces. It can also lead to poor yield for plants, so you have to be keen on the expected results. 

What are Some Reasons Why Light Came On During Dark Cycle

How long do you have to be in the dark before harvest
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Three are various reasons why the light might come during the dark cycle. Here is what we found to be the most common reasons:

  • Incorrect timer settings. The settings you input into your time are likely the main causes of the compromised light cycle.
  • Damaged components. While gardening resources provide longevity, they are also prone to damage issues. 
  • Power outages. Major power outages will likely cause the light to come on during the dark cycle.
  • Power surges. Issues like power surges can lead to component damage, thus compromising resources like timer functions.

Ways of Solving this Issue

Is green light OK during flower
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The response you provide to your garden plants that experience this issue varies. Here is what we recommend:

  • Get a new light and timer. The grow light or timer you have is probably faulty and requires replacement. We recommend you go for the types from high-end brands as recommended.
  • Evaluate the light cycles manually. You may have to observe the plant manually, such as with a camera, or well-timed visits during the expected light changes.
  • Cut the affected sections of the plant. Instead of discarding the plant if its showing frail signs, try cutting the damaged areas. Then resume the normal light cycles, and check it after a few weeks. 
  • Learn more about using grow lights and their components. Your grow light probably failed to function because of your lack of knowledge. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is Light Dark Cycle?

It refers to the periods when growers have to switch lights on or off, like sleeping and daily life. Usually, most growers use timers for this process. You can customize the timers to stick to specific time schedules. 

Is Green Light Ok During Flower?

Greenlight is applicable for safelight horticultural applications. Individuals can perform crop inspections during the night, and this won’t harm the flowering process. However, controlling the green light quality is also important. 

How Long Do You Have to Be in the Dark Before Harvest?

We recommend the 3-day dark period, the darkness before harvest of the 48-hour harvest period. It helps to “shock” your plants in the days that lead up to the harvest period. Doing this will increase the potency of buds. 

Can You Flower With 14 Hours of Light?

You will need an average of 14 light hours to ensure the PFR of your lights doesn’t switch back to the PR. Any light amount less than this can cause your plants to start flowering earlier than recommended. 

Do Buds Grow at Night?

Yes, buds can grow at night. This process is particularly common late to early morning when you come across new buds proliferating. It can also occur at dawn or soon after the buds start to unfold from the plant. 

Will My Buds Fatten Up?

Yes, weeks 4-6 buds will fatten up. During this stage of the flowering process, the buds will increase in size. They will still feature white pistils, and you will notice the size of the buds increasing daily. 

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