How to Smell Proof a Room

Smell Proof a Room

You are probably here searching for information on how to smell proof a room. It can be a hassle, especially if the smoke or weed smell irritates your housemates or attracts unnecessary attention, right? There are various ways of smell-proofing a room for weed and its smoke. It involves preparing the room, using the proper … Read more

Light Leak Early In Flowering Stage – 4 Common Reasons Defined!

Light Leak Early In Flowering Stage

You have probably realized the importance of using the right light management system for your grow house.  The reason is that it influences the way your plants will grow. The light cycle signals your plants to start the flowering or fruiting stage.  However, you are still likely to experience issues like light leak early in … Read more

How to Hang Grow Lights Without Drilling

How to Hang Grow Lights Without Drilling

You are probably searching for more information on hanging grow lights without drilling, right? While this is possible, you must use an informed approach. The range of options for hanging grow lights without drilling is endless. Picking the right one depends on your preferences and the results you expect.  Here is all you should know: … Read more

How to Insulate Grow Tent

With winters coming closer and closer, the temperature outdoors is falling rapidly. It is an ideal opportunity to start considering the heating requirements of your indoor plants. Specifically, you need to think about the roots and make sure the plants feel cozy and warm. It is especially helpful on the off chance that you have … Read more

How to Use Ozone Generator in Grow Room

Ozone has a lot of uses, including disinfecting water, taking out smells, and food stockpiling, among others. In the course of recent years, most growers have been using high degrees of ozone to help with working on the sanitization of grow rooms.  The ozone generators help remove smells and disinfect the air or water by … Read more