How To Smell Proof A Grow Room

One issue many people have with weed and people who grow weed is the smell that the marijuana plant produces. In case that you have at any point grown cannabis earlier, you know just the thing we are talking about. Indeed, for people who cherish marijuana, there is nothing like the fragrance of it. But, for some, it is an issue.

Growers often with a standard issue; in some cases, growing weed does not smell incredible. Considering how to smell-proof, a grow room is regular, mainly if you live in a smaller space and your neighbors are constantly nagging. 

After legitimization, a lot of people choose to grow their own pot, and this issue is simply going to turn out to be more common now. 

There is no way to avoid those smells. They are an expected result of growing weed. The actual plants have a particular smell, and the fertile soil you need to grow them in can be pretty intense, as well. 

However, there are a few ways by which these smells can be prevented. We will discuss them in detail as we proceed further.

Why Do Marijuana Plants Smell Pungent?

Marijuana plants discharge a very distinct smell. Strangely, even the people who do not smoke know how weed smells. A cannabis plant does smell like nothing that has never crossed your nose.

Truth be told, the smell is so potent to the degree that it might even linger around your home, and people can smell it from a far-off distance. But, for what reason does weed generate a potent smell?

Terpenes are substance compounds that are linked to the odor of cannabis plants. 

A few people may feel that weed smells just when dried or when it is smoked. 

Honestly, that is not the case at all. Cannabis plants begin to smell right after a few weeks of planting them.

During the growth cycle of cannabis plants, natural compounds called terpenes are radiated, the main reason for the smell.

Some weed strains smell substantially more potent than others. However, every one of them has a distinct smell. 

For the most part, the more potent the weed strain, the stronger the fragrance is. Also, the better high you will be. Most weed purchasers pick their weed strain contingent upon the sort of fragrance it gives.

Terpenes are significant for varied reasons. Firstly, the smell repulses bugs. Secondly, terpenes have therapeutic properties that add to the general therapeutic properties that weed has. 

A few terpenes offer distinctive medical advantages. Some have anti-inflammatory properties; some reduce anxiety and depression, different terpenes ease the pain. Thus, terpenes are crucial for the cannabis plant.

Are Grow Tents Smell Proof?

The direct response to this question is No. The grow tents are not smell-proof at all. Before the room can be classified as smell-proof, the grow tent may need to conceal the fragrance of your blossoming plants.

But, grow tents are wonderful for some reason. They help in giving a controlled climate to weed growth, one where you can undoubtedly control the temperature, humidity, and lighting. 

They also accompany reflective materials within, holes for fans, ventilation systems, and carbon filters, and clasps for hanging up lights and different things. Thus, while grow tents are extremely valuable indeed, they are not smell-proof, unfortunately. 

They accompany plenty of advantages; however, this is not one of them, or possibly not a full advantage.

Again, we stated how grow tents are not smell-proof and that this isn’t one of its biggest advantages. What we implied by biggest advantage is that a grow tent takes care of the job to some degree to contain the smell.

Indeed, grow tents are closed, and they have a door with a zipper, four walls, and a rooftop. Therefore, to a certain extent, they do help with containing and shroud the smell of your flowering weed plants.

Flowering weed plants smell very potent, and there is a slender layer of texture and reflective material that can do to conceal this smell. 

A blooming weed plant is amazingly potent, and a grow tent, while it can conceal a bit of the smell, can not conceal every last bit of it.

What you also need to consider here is that grow tents come with huge openings, which are used to give your marijuana plants proper ventilation systems, fans, carbon filters, and airflow.

Your marijuana plants need airflow, they need oxygen, and they need ways to get more air. You cannot have a grow tent that is 100% closed, airproof, and smell proof. 

This would not be great as the plants will not get the appropriate amount of air, wind stream, oxygen, and ventilation, which would then make it really hard to control temperature and humidity levels in the grow tent.

So indeed, a grow tent will conceal the smell a little, however not completely, only on the grounds that you will require ventilation.

Currently, if you have a carbon filter or ventilation system in the grow tent, and you have the tubing coming straight out of the tent and leading outside, you can send the smell outside.

So if it is not inside, the neighborhood is going to smell weed.

When Do The Pot Plants Start To Smell?

What is unquestionably somewhat good in case you are growing weed and are stressed over the smell is that weed plants do not smell the whole time. 

During the initial periods of growth, during the vegetative state, pot plants do not actually smell. 

All things considered, essentially, they do not smell like that sweet, potent, kush smell with which we are all acquainted. 

During the vegetative state, weed plants truly smell the same as other plants. Nonetheless, it is at the point at which they begin to flower that they will start to get that potent and stinky weed plant smell.

The further your weed plant grows, the more buds it has, the bigger those buds are, and the closer you are to the reap, the more potent those buds will start to smell. 

Simply consider it this way, a rose bush will not resemble roses until the rose flower begins to sprout. 

It is pretty much the same thing here, yet we are discussing cannabis plants rather than roses. In this way, if you are stressed over your marijuana plants smelling the place up and they are in a vegetative state, you actually have a bit of time to find some ways to control the smell emerging from your grow room or grow tent.

How To Smell Proof A Grow Room and Grow Tent

It is an extremely difficult task to hide, conceal or mask the smell of a cannabis plant. As we discussed above, creating a water/airproof space where the smell cannot escape is unimaginable. 

The reason behind this is obviously in light of the fact that your weed plants need a bit of air, outdoor air, air circulation, and old air should be able to get out, both because of air circulation issues just as humidity and temperature control.

You can take a few ways to limit the smell emerging from the grow tent and grow room to conceal it. 

Let us discuss how you can control the smell in your grow room or grow tent, so you do not draw in a lot of attention.


smell proofing a grow room

Carbon filters are viewed as the most ideal option while getting rid of the cannabis smell in a grow tent. A good carbon filter, in combination with an inline fan, works admirably. 

Activated carbon is absorbent and can trap and kill the cannabis smell. The best thing is that filters can be used in more than one season of growth, guaranteeing that the smell is dead. 

Another tip is to use an inline fan, which can suck a lot of air into the carbon filter. The more effective the fan is, the bigger the carbon filter, you will get the smell-proof grow tent you need.

Note: If you want to Know how to make Carbon Filter at home then read this article here.


smell proof grow tent

Using air fresheners is another extraordinary method of removing the weed smell. Air fresheners do not contain the scent yet are rather replaced with a strong scented smell. The cons of fresheners are that the weed smell will fill your grow tent when the smell disappears. 

Thus, you will need to either find different ways since the freshener’s smell appears to blur after some time or spray a lot of air freshener. Also, getting fresheners that will conceal the smell of weed is very costly. 

Accordingly, most of the growers pick carbon filters to accomplish a smell-proof grow tent.


diy grow room odor control

The hotter and more humid the grow tent is, the more the smell. 

Hence, to ensure fool-proof smell management in your grow room, make specific temperature and humidity levels. Higher temperatures and humidity levels keep alive the smell of weed. 

Cannabis plants in the vegetative stage radiate practically zero smell because the plants have not started delivering terpenes, natural compounds liable for the cannabis’ sweet-smelling properties. 

As cannabis plants keep on growing, temperature and humidity become vital to control to conceal the scents. An ideal approach to deal with this is to use dehumidifiers and air conditioners.


do grow tents keep the smell in

Odor absorbing gels are one of the ways in which you can use them to control the smell of weed. These gels work by killing the smell of marijuana plants in the air.

Be that as it may, odor-absorbing gels do not work like carbon filters. All things considered, they give an extraordinary fragrance to ensure that the weed smell is not detected in the house. Not at all like air fresheners, odor absorbing gels are considered a much better option.

Odor absorbing gel is suitable for growers hoping to grow weed on a smaller scale. This method can be very expensive if you grow cannabis on a much larger scale.


how to smell proof a room

The other thing you can use to make your tent smell-proof is using large exhaust fans. You can install a ventilation system with quality fans directing it towards the window. The fan will suck the air while tossing it out in the open air, ensuring the weed smell does not stay in your home. 

The obvious con here is that bystanders can smell weed. 

Contingent upon the weed strain and the number of plants you have, the smell can be smidgen or to an extreme. It is the reason carbon filters are the best on the grounds that the smell can be concealed.


Air purifiers can likewise help get rid of the weed smell. Be that as it may, most of the air purifiers come with activated carbon filters, concealing the pot smell

The activated carbon in the filters sucks in the smell making your grow tent smell-proof. Also, using a purifier in a grow tent will ensure your cannabis plants are getting good quality air.

A grow room can be quite possibly the best way to grow plants. Having the option to control the smell from the grow room, particularly in small indoor spaces, requires different procedures. 

Regardless of whether you can not kill the smoke, there are as yet different viable answers for the issue. This is particularly evident during the flowering stage, when plants will have the most smell. Moreover, factors like temperature and humidity play a huge role too.

That being said, we hope this article helps you in smell-proofing your grow room.

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