How To Make Bubble Hash Without Bags

In case you’re a cannabis enthu-cutlet searching for an undiluted product with robust yields, bubble hash is the thing for you.

“Ugh. What did they just say?”

“Why haven’t I heard about this thing before?”

Well, if the tern “Bubble Hash” has got your head-scratching, don’t worry. We have got you covered.

Even though bubble hash has been in the cannabis market for a really long time now, it isn’t one of the most accessible types of cannabis available today. Most people in the Cannabis Domain haven’t even heard of Bubble Hash, and we aren’t even surprised.

Pretty sure that you are wondering What is Bubble Hash? Is it potent? How do I judge the quality? How do I make some? And so on.

No worries, our experts have covered all your queries and dilemmas in this article in-depth

What is Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash, also termed as Water Hash, is a sans-solvent concentrate that is drawn out through ice/chilled water. Bubble hash is made out of a large number of trichome glands that look similar to granular brown sugar, and when squashed together, look like the traditional hash.

Even though it is packed with a massive range of terpenes, it still isn’t the most potent concentrate available.

During the making of bubble hash, trichome glands that coat the marijuana are snuff out during a racket process in the water. These organs are screened through micron screens for an unadulterated trichome product. This form of cannabis usually ranges between 30-60% of THC Content.

What are the Different Varieties of Bubble Hash Available? And how does one Determine the Quality of Bubble Hash?

While you scan through the dispensary, you will find different kinds of bubble hash. These are divided by the source materials’ quality and the end screen size the trichomes passed through.

1. Trim Process: Trim processed bubble hash usually is the most subpar quality. Despite the fact that bubble hash that is procured from high-quality trim can be of superior quality, it is challenging to find. These kinds of bubble hash are typically darker in color and take a while to burn.

2. Bud Process: Bubble hash obtained from whole buds is usually of the top-notch quality. It is no promise that using buds will deliver top-notch bubble hash, yet the chances are higher when working with high-end material.

3. Size of the Micron Screen: This is the most critical deciding factor in the quality of bubble hash. The bigger the screen size, the more adulterants are permitted to blend in with the bubble hash. Bubble hash filtered through the tiniest screen sizes will be the purest of all.

Bubble hash passed through bigger screen sizes is mostly darker because of different compounds other than the resin glands present in it. Lighter tones found in bubble hash are the aftereffect of trichome heads that pass through.

Is Bubble Hash Potent?

Bubble hash isn’t as potent as other concentrates available in the market. T The THC content in bubble hash usually ranges from 30-60%. Even though this range isn’t low, however, other solvent-based concentrates are significantly more potent.

Most solvent-based concentrates range between 60-80%. For example, there are even techniques, THC isolate, that reach 99% THC content.

How To Make Bubble Hash At Home?

There are a zillion ways that can be taken into consideration for making bubble hash at home; the ones that we have mentioned here are ways you can make bubble hash without a bag. Sounds even better, right?

Well, let’s get started!

Things You Will Need:

  1. An ounce of brittle, dry trim, shake, or bud bits,
  2. Water
  3. Paper towels
  4. Scraping tool
  5. Ice
  6. Sealable glass jar
  7. Wire-mesh strainer
  8. Tea strainer
  9. Coffee cone
  10. Paper coffee filters
  11. Dish towel

Method 1: The Jar Method

The most simple technique for making water or bubble hash is using a glass jar. This method is the simplest as far as time and equipment are concerned. However, it also produces the lowest amount of hash, and the end result will not be very pure as compared to methods in which micron-gauged filtering bags are used.

The manual agitation is more labor intensive, yet it requires no electricity and can be done anyplace that the materials can be collected.

Method 2: The Coffee Filter Method

The coffee filter method of making bubble hash wonders if the quantity is less and can be done using basic kitchen equipment.

Grind the weed to coarse ground uniformity. Cone-type coffee makers resemble a pointier form of a standard coffee maker. These things are readily available online, grocery stores, kitchenware stores or gourmet stores. They come in two variants, reusable and disposa

Directions: Crush the pot to a coarse powder, like dried cooking herbs like oregano or basil, using a coffee grinder, bud grinder, or blender for a few seconds.

Put the material in the jar, up to 1 quarter full. Half quart, quart, and 2-quart jars all work. Add equal parts of ice and chilled water until the container is almost full. Leave about an inch of room at the top of the container, then seal it and shake for 10 minutes.

Pour the water/material blend into a bowl and put it in the fridge to let it settle for about an hour. The ice might melt by now.

Get rid of the floating plant material with a tea strainer or a sieve. The plant material can be stored and reused. Manual shaking doesn’t help in getting rid of all trichomes in one go.

When the plant material has been taken out, permit the residue to resettle at the lower part of the bowl for 15–20 minutes. Drain one-half to two-thirds of the water carefully, with the aim of saving the entirety of the sediment-like water hash material in the bottom of the container.

Set up the cone with a paper coffee filter. Pour the content of the bowl through the cone carefully. As the water hash gathers in the bottom of the filter, the water will deplete all the more gradually.

Let the water to drain from the filter. Then remove the filter from the cone, letting it level with the wet hash inside. Place it on a kitchen towel and remove as much water as could be expected by squeezing it with the towel or paper towels.

Split the coffee filter along the crease and open it. Gather the material inside using a spoon or card to scratch it free from the paper. The material is easier to bifurcate from the coffee filter when it is dry or slightly wet.

The material can dry before or after it is taken out from the filter. Regardless of whether a part of the material is accumulated for use before the drying process gets done, the water hash needs to be air-dried longer than usual. After the water hash is dry, it very well may be used, stored, or squeezed into hash.

Method 3: The Blender Method:

Place an ample quantity of cannabis in the blender to fill half of it. Add ice and cold water in equal measures until the blender is full.

Turn the blender on at max speed for 45 seconds to a minute. Allow the mixture to settle. Repeat the process for at least 3 to 4 times, if needed. The more the blender runs, the higher and better will be the result.

Pour the mixture from the blender using a wire strainer into a mixing bowl. Bowls intended to pour, for example, a pancake or cake-making batter bowl or a 1–2 quart measuring cup, work best. This step rules out the bulk of weed.

Pour the water cautiously through the coffee filter into the glass jars until they are filled around two-thirds. Sealable glass jars work well for this purpose. Smaller particles of cannabis will be collected at the bottom of the filter.

In any case, the glands are very fine and pass through the coffee filter into the glass jars. After pouring the water/trichome blend through the filter, pour two cups of water through the filter, so the remaining trichomes go through it.

Carefully seal the jars and keep them in the refrigerator for an hour. The glans will eventually settle down at the bottom of the jar. Also, tap the jar lightly a few times to help the floating sediments settle down.

Carefully take the jars out of the refrigerator and make sure that you do not stir the sediments that are gathered at the bottom of the jar. Now, gently pour off around two-thirds of the water. The aim is to retain the glads that have settled at the bottom while getting rid of the excess water.

Place the cone on top of a quart jar. Drain the leftover water and residue through the coffee filter with a coffee filter paper. The flow of the water might slow down due to the residue collected in the filter paper. Let the water drain completely.

Cautiously remove the paper coffee filter from the cone. Level it with the material inside by tapping it using a towel.

Material can be dried before or after it is collected from the coffee filter. Drying it within the coffee filter takes a little longer, but the hash is safe from blowing away and is simpler to discard from the paper when both are completely dry. To dry withinf the coffee filter place it on a layer of paper or cloth towels. When it’s dry, split the filter along a crease.

Accumulate the stuff using a spoon or plastic card or any scrapping tool available. Let the end product completely dry before squeezing or storing it. Depending upon your climatic conditions, it might take up a day or two for the material to dry.

Now that you have mastered about the basics of bubble hash and how to make bubble hash without bags, let’s discuss some tips and tricks so you can ace it.

  • Use a siphon instead of a pour to drain the excess water. It gives you more established control and makes less havoc, so the sediments at the jar’s bottom are perfectly fine. Use excellent and clean aquarium tubing. Put the opposite end of the tubing into a sink or the drainage area.
  • Heating the material helps in speeding the drying process. Use a proliferation mat, generally used to grow seedlings—it will help upkeep a 74°F (23°C) temperature—or a heating pad set that is set on low. Place the mat under a towel and put the drying water hash on top of it.
  • Use a freshly frozen stash for the best results. If you did not store the weed in a freezer earlier, put it right away and remove it after it is completely frozen.
  • Do not rush in in the final step! Dry the material thoroughly. Water hash stored before it is dried molds ruins it completely.
  • Water and mash leftover toward the end of the entire process contain nutrients and vitamins. They are excellent for watering plants or adding to the compost.

Lastly, bubble hash leads the world of solventless concentrates, and the cannabis industry is constantly experimenting to get the cleanest extracts. The significance of the idea that concentrates can be made without chemicals is groundbreaking.

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