How to Hang Grow Lights Without Drilling

You are probably searching for more information on hanging grow lights without drilling, right?

While this is possible, you must use an informed approach. The range of options for hanging grow lights without drilling is endless. Picking the right one depends on your preferences and the results you expect. 

Here is all you should know:

What are the Alternatives for How to Hang Grow Lights Without Drilling?

We performed research on the common grow lights hanging without drilling alternatives. Here is what we found: 

Alternative #1. Magnetic Plant Hooks

how to hang from ceiling without drilling
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Magnetic hooks come in various materials, including steel, nickel, chrome and bronze. They work well for almost any type of plant. We noticed many people like it for solving the challenge of how to hang from the ceiling without drilling!

One key factor in the quality of these hooks is a rare earth material referred to as neodymium, which provides exceptional weight capacities. In fact, most high-end magnetic hooks can support up to 95 pounds of weight.

If you want the magnet to provide optimal weight capacity, ensure you connect it to a clean metal surface.

But, locating a suitable attachment point on the single requires skill. But, a careful look through this section will display different components like bolts, fasteners and braces.

You also have the option of using drywall screws, which makes installation a simple process. 

Alternative #2. Use High-Density Tension Rods

how to hang plants from ceiling in rental
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Another solution for how to hang grow lights without drilling is Metal tension rods are set up by extending from wall to wall, making it perfect for hanging plants in front of windows.

Wherever two walls are close, consider setting up a tension rod to the ceiling and using non-marring rubber tips.

You can also bridge wall gaps using skylight frames or more for convenience. Expect tension rods to stretch out between 40 to 70 inches. 

The weight capacity of this unit is also likely to vary, which can include between 11 to 31 pounds. Some extra-long types can provide extension ranges of up to 165 inches. 

Remember that using a tension rod longer than the span length is also essential. On average, expect rods to require up to 2 inches more than the recommended span size.

Alternative #3. Set up Adhesive Utility Hooks

how to hang plants without drilling
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Another solution for how to hang grow lights without drilling is Adhesive Utility Hooks.

The hooks with self-adhesive foam backings are excellent for use on walls. Usually, people use them to hold items such as keys and kitchen utensils.

However, the adhesive hooks also work well for hanging plants on the ceiling without drilling. The hooks work well, especially if the surface is smooth and clean. Fortunately, you can easily set up adhesive hooks anywhere in your grow house.

Usually, most adhesive hooks work well on walls. So, we recommend you get the types that hold items without sliding off, even if you turn the hook 90 degrees. 

Adhesive hooks work well for when you want how to hang plants from the ceiling in rental (you won’t have problems with the landlord!) Ensure you also go for the best adhesive hooks for hanging plants.

Alternative #4. Consider Using Suction Cup Hooks

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Fourth on our list of options involves using suction cups. These hooks are excellent for hanging plants without drilling the ceiling. They are unique because you can use them on porous and non-porous surfaces. 

Skylights are also excellent alternatives for using suction cup cooks. One major challenge of suction cups is they tend to have a low weight capacity – usually below one pound. 

However, be careful, as some suction cup brands tend to boast of supposed weight capacities of over 1 pound. We recommend you go for swivel hook suction cups which you can adjust to suit angled surfaces. 

Alternative #5. Install Bar Clamps

how to hang plants from popcorn ceiling without drilling
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Another unique way of hanging grow lights without drilling involves using bar clamps, which you can find in carpentry tools.

Usually, this approach to hanging plants involves using an adjustable jaw that moves on a metal rail. Usually, these bar clamps can average between 36 to 50 inches long in size.

A bar clamp makes it easy to capture the 4-inch width of an end wall, which is ideal for setting up grow lights without drilling.

Alternative #6. C-Clamps 

heavy duty adhesive ceiling hooks for plants
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If you have exposed ceiling beams, consider using c-clamps. These refer to specialized structures that you can use to set up both sides of a beam. They also have exceptional weight capacity amounts – perfect for how to hang outdoor lights without drilling.

You can use them easily for setups with plants of up to 44 pounds., using a 6 – 8 inch clamp. The ideal size of the clamp relates to the beam of width. 

We recommend that you protect the beam using separate jaw pads from indentation marks. The other alternative involves using thick rubber squares. 

What are the Best Small-Sized Plants For Hanging Without Drilling?

how to hang plants in front of windows
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When hanging plants, one key factor is their average weight levels. We also recommend you go for plants that don’t require soil for growth. Our research was relevant to the thread how to hang plants without drilling reddit.

Here are some of the top recommendations based on our research:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What to Use to Hang Grow Lights?

There are various techniques that you can use to grow lights. The first technique is drilling, but this isn’t always applicable, such as if you are renting a house. You can also use magnetic hooks, c-clamps, and adhesive hooks. 

How Do You Hang a Grow Light From the Ceiling?

The best way to hang a grow light to a ceiling involves using adhesive hooks. They are simple to set up, and you can easily replace them when worn out. You can also use magnetic clamps, which are equally simple.

Can a Command Hook Hold a Hanging Plant?

Yes, a command hook can hold a hanging plant. A command hook is an adjustable hook that you can use for different plant-hanging applications. You can also set many different versions of the hooks for different plants. 

It’s possible for you hang grow lights without drilling. However, this process requires that you use the correct setup alternatives. You also have to get a toolbox to help with this process. 

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