How To Grow Weed In A Closet

You plan to grow weed, but you don’t live alone, or you live with your parents or are surrounded by nosy neighbors. Hence, you might want to keep your little plan a secret. You might consider growing marijuana in your closet. But again, “Woah, is it really possible? No, I don’t think so”. The genius idea is then dropped, and you move on.

Well, how about we tell you that growing weed in a closet is indeed possible? Is it motivating enough for you?

Growing weed in your closet is not going to be the same as growing cannabis outdoors in the garden or in an exquisite grow room inside your home. Nonetheless, we have covered everything you need to know about How Can You Grow Weed In A Closet.

PS: Simply remember, growing weed in a closet does not imply that your secret mission might just be a secret forever.

Let’s get started on Mission Possible: How To Grow Weed in a Closet!

Things you will Need for Growing Weed in Your Closet:

  • Oscillating Fan
  • Grow Lights
  • Growing Medium
  • Seeds
  • Containers

Prepping Up Your Closet:

Firstly, you need to start prepping up your closet. Start emptying your closet to make some room. Empty all of the garments, shoes, magazines, and whatever else you may have hiding in there.

You could select a cupboard or some cabinet, yet closets or wardrobes are the suitable kinds of indoor furniture on account of their size and the way that they usually have in-built storage racks.

The closet space needs to be at least of a height of 4 feet with a breadth of 2 feet. Clean everything completely. Hoover it through and through and then give everything a decent wipe with a mild bleaching solution. We can’t emphasize enough that no dirt, dust, soil, or anything should be left in the closet.

Before you begin, start thinking about how you can set up the artificial grow lights or how you can deal with the smell. You will most likely be unable to install a real ventilation system as your closet may be a bit too small for it, so get an oscillatory fan or maybe stock up some odor neutralizers.

Also, remember that temperature is pretty important. It should not be too cool or too hot.

Select the Right Grow Lights: 

Right Grow Light for weed

Fortunately, there is no reason to spend loads of money on expensive grow lights in the closet. As the plants are growing in a limited space, excessive exposure to the lights might end up damaging your plants.

There are three different kinds of grow lights that you can choose from. We have explained them all in detail below.

LED Lights: LED lights are obviously the most ideal choice for a healthy yield. They are not very easy to install, ultra-energy-effective, and radiate the right amount of heat. If you are stressed over power consumption and the bills, LEDs are the right choice for you. They are long-lasting and accessible in a wide variety of shapes and styles.

Picking one can be befuddling, and the initial cost can be high. We suggest LED lights for growing weed in a closet. A 600W LED grow light is ideal. Use an adjustable hanging system to change the height of the light as the plants grow.

Fluorescent Grow Lights: Fluorescent grow lights are pretty inexpensive, don’t emit a lot of heat, deliver an expansive light spectrum, and uses a standard plug socket. They function admirably in tiny spaces and are suitable for seedlings and the vegetative stage. Be that as it may, most fluorescent grow lights are not as great as other types of grow lights available when it comes to getting a healthy yield.

HID Grow Lights: There are three kinds of HID Grow Lights: Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH), High-Pressure Sodium (HPS), and Metal Halide (MH).

HID Lights offer an extraordinary light spectrum for all stages. MH lights are ideal for the vegetative stage, HPS for the blooming, and CMH for all stages.

They have been a favorite pick amongst the indoor growers for a while now. It is fundamental to pick dimmable HID Grow Lights as they may deliver an abundant amount of heat in the limited space of a closet.

Sort Out Ventilation: 

A proper ventilation is fundamental for cannabis plants to grow nicely. Stale air prompts a moldy and clammy and a bad yield. You need to bring in some natural air from the outside of the room and route all the hot air out.

Regardless of how you do it, you need to have cool air in and hot air out. Furthermore, the basic purpose of getting in fresh air is not only to control the temperature but also to replenish the carbon dioxide that your cannabis plants absorb.

Ventilation is presumably the most troublesome and challenging test you will survive when it comes to growing weed in a closet. In case that your closet room has a window, leave it open as much as possible.

You could also install an exhaust fan, which might also need to do some drilling as well. You can choose to use a small oscillating fan – or maybe two would be a much more suitable option if you have a room for two.

Place one table fan at the bottom of the closet blowing cool air in and one fan at the top (close to the light) blowing the hot air back out. It would help if you left your closet room’s gate a bit ajar.

Select the Right Growing Medium:

Even if you are growing weed indoors, you can use the same growing medium that you might use for the outdoors one.

If you are growing in soil containers/ pots, pay careful consideration to how much water and supplements you use for your cannabis plant.

Overwatering and overfeeding your plants are the most common mistakes that cultivators often make. An excessive amount of water can make the plant’s root rot, so treat your cannabis plant as you would treat a little baby.

The nutrients will improve the soil, potentially assisting your plant with growing better buds; however, you should be very careful with the doses. You can buy these nutrients from a local nursery shop or a dispensary to control the temperature, and or you can make one yourself as well.

If you need additional control over the growing cycle, think about using a hydroponic system. Using a hydroponic system for your weed intensifies the growth cycle, nonetheless, requires close watch of the ph and ppm levels, for which you might need some tools to keep track of.

Get the Right Seeds:

We cannot stress enough on why you must select the right seeds. However, because you are growing cannabis in a closet, the height of the plant is something you must pay utmost consideration to.

Indicas are the ones that are usually short and very bushy. They work well when it comes to growing cannabis in a closet. Not just that, Autoflowers work the best when cultivating in a closet is concerned.

Prep for Harvest:

When everything is set in and around your closet, now start paying closer attention to your plants.

Keep an eye on your plants at least two times every day to see how they are doing. Ensure that they get adequate light, water, and air inside the closet.

As your plant starts growing from the container, check if the top part feels warm when you touch it, particularly if you are using a grow light that is not LED. A lot of heat may end up damaging your yield.

In fact, a lot of moisture might also damage can also ruin the plant. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain a balance between the heat and the moisture to ensure a proper yield.

How Many Cannabis Plants Can You Grow In a Closet?

You can cultivate as many plants as you like, and this would also rely upon the space of your closet. The greater the closet space, the more plants you can grow. If you are just a beginner and have no experience with growing weed at all, you should stick with just one or two plants.


To conclude the whole thing, growing weed in your closet is conceivable. It would be best if you dealt with the basic things: guaranteeing appropriate lighting, an adequate amount of water and food, enough air inside your closet and around your home, an adjusted amount of moisture, and room temperature

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