How to Clean Smart Pots

Expert Cannabis Growers know the containers you should use to increase the plant growth along with the yield as well. “The Smart Pot” is the answer to the last statement.

You must be wondering, “Why?”

The answer is pretty simple. The Smart Pot root-prunes your plant’s root system. Root pruning is the process of activating the lateral roots from a primary predominant root or “tap” root. At the point when a root develops to the side of the Smart Pot, it doesn’t circle. Rather, the sponge-like Smart Pot holds that root, starting lateral growth and side root branching. As this activity repeats, the complete root mass can be multiplied.

More Roots = More Yield

How Does Smart Pot Work?

  • The Smart Pot releases the heat. Heat develops in a plastic holder. When the outdoor temperature is almost around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, within the plastic container with the hot lights or the sun pummeling can gauge over 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Roots don’t grow if the temperature is anything beyond 125-degree-Fahrenheit for the soils. Keeping up the appropriate temperature in your pot speeds the growth.
  • The Smart Pot improves water distribution in the plant. In a plastic container, water travels by gravity, the top is always dry while the base stays excessively wet. The Smart Pot is made of absorbent fabric with a lot of holes. Water is pulled by capillarity, going from wet areas to drier pieces of your dirt medium. Moistness usually adjusts itself. Not just that, the Smart Pots ensure an even moisture distribution which makes sure that the overall growth of roots is improved as well.
  • The Smart Pot is made out of a very clean cloth. The lowly, knock-off cloth pots are made of reused material, potentially containing heaps of lead, copper, and other harmful metals. Roots take up these metals, endangering your plant’s growth. However, when it comes to Smart Pot, they make sure that their containers are made out of clean cloth so that your plant doesn’t get contaminated and boosts the growth of your plants.
  • The Smart Pot is a very durable, sturdy. As compared to other fabric pots, they won’t get damaged or something in the middle of the development stage. The Smart Pot can be thoroughly cleaned and reused over and over.

Smart Pots are made out of fabric, and they are also known as Fabric Pots. A lot of growers have applauded the products’ life span, and since you can grow almost every damn thing in these pots, you must also learn how to clean them and why it is important for you to clean the Smart Pots.

​Why is Cleaning Smart Pots Important?

Some soil outside of the pots is inevitable, and dusting or cleaning needs to be done. Sometimes, if you think that the soil can be used again and is free of pathogens, you can store the smart pots. However, make sure that the soil has abundant nutrients and vitamins to support the plant growth.

Mineral salts come in handy when it comes to white stains, which is normal when you water with hard water. Use the cleaning methods before as the salts also influence plant growth. Then again, overwatering can likewise cause an algae development which ends up affecting the circulation.

You must always ensure that the pots are cleaned and sterilized properly and that there no buildups cause. It will ensure that your pots are working effectively. Also, cleaning is important to get rid of any soil-borne diseases.

​A Guide on Cleaning Smart Pots:

Step 1: Removal

The first and foremost step in cleaning smart pots is exactly the same as what you would do with other pots. Remove the soil and everything left within. You can use a gentle scrub brush if there are extra stains and dirt, yet make sure to be gentle and extra cautious and try not to harm the material.

In some cases, you may see some dried soil and roots that are trickier to remove. If so, rub the pot’s sides together or use a vacuum. Dump the substance and if the pot is wet, let it dry.

PS: Let the pot to dry for a few more days to ensure that there is nothing at all left inside.

Step 2: Cleaning

After eliminating the dirt, soil, debris, and spots on the Smart Pot, you must wash it. You can do it by hand in a tub and soak it for a while, although to save time, a washing machine works as well.

After cleaning the dirt, soil, dust, and stains on the Smart Pot, you must wash it. You can do it by hand in a tub and soak it for a while, although to save time, a washing machine works as well.

What cleanser would be a good idea for you to use for smart pots?

Expert cultivators use a detergent or peroxide to clean the pot. In any case, ensure that the cleaners are chlorine-free to avoiding damage. Wash the pot gently and wash with clean water to get rid of the buildups.

The washing machine is more efficient for cleaning and washing since it does all the work, along with rinsing. The accentuation is imperative on not placing the smart pots in the dryer to avoid distortion.

Step 3: Drying

As we mentioned above, let us remind you all again to “Never Ever Put Your Smart Pots In The Dryer.” Make sure to let them Air Dry.

An all-year profitable nursery is possible with smart pots and an ideal climate like a greenhouse. In any case, maintenance is vital for them to manage their effectiveness, so figure out how to clean smart pots.

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