How Much Weed Can A 1000 Watt Light Produce?

A lot of marijuana growers, be it seasoned or newbies, prefer growing their stash indoors rather than outdoors. That might be due to a lot of different reasons. And, of course, when one grows indoors, a lot of different things are required for a healthy yield. One of them is “Grow Light.” 

For a few people here who are not thorough with the basics of Grow Light, we are here to help. And for the experts, a little revision never hurts. 

A grow light is basically an electric light to help plants develop. Grow lights either aim to provide a light spectrum like that of the sun or to give a spectrum that is more customized to the necessities of the plants being grown.

Out of all the things that are necessary for growing cannabis, grow lights are pretty important as they pretty much act as food for the plants. 

If you do not take care of your plants by serving them with the right food, they are not going to create the good, potent buds you are looking for. 

A lot of people who plan on growing weed often have a lot of questions regarding grow lights. 

The most common question is “How Much Weed Can a 1000 Watt Light Produce?”.

Well, we have put out all our resources and efforts into covering all the information you might need when it comes to the yield a 1000 Watt grow light can generate.

How Much Weed Can a 1000 Watt Light Actually Produce?

Unfortunately, no one has the answer to it. That is because the yield depends on a lot of other factors and not just the wattage of the grow light. Of course, the higher the wattage, the higher the yield, but again, it is not the only determinant. 

Some of the determining factors include the cultivator’s skills, the kind of strains being used, growing techniques, and the quality of lights. 

Notwithstanding, in case you are searching for a rough idea about the wattage, you can assess 0.5 to 1 grams for every watt, with 0.5 grams being viewed as a decent yield, and 1 gram for each watt would be viewed as an excellent yield. Hence, for a 1000w watt grow light, you can expect to get between 500 to 1000 grams (or 17 to 35 ounces) on an average.

What are the other factors that might end up affecting your yield?

Despite the fact that we have furnished you with an unpleasant thought of how much weed you can expect per watt from your 1000w grow light, it is imperative to remember that lighting can, unfortunately, deliver only a limited amount of yield. There are numerous factors that are significant in determining the yield you get. Let us get right on to them!


In case you’re searching for bigger and better yields, you will need to pick a strain that is popular for its larger yield hereditary qualities. 

It is a smart idea to stay away from auto-flowering strains in case you are expecting huge yields. For the most part, auto-flowering strains produce even smaller yields than Indica or Sativa strains because they are blended in with nonflowering Ruderalis strains for their auto-flowering characteristics.


Lighting is fundamental to growing a larger and denser yield. If you need a higher than normal yield, it is significant that you pick a good quality grow light. 

For larger yields, pick a grow light that yields a high amount of PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) which are the light frequencies that your plant really uses to grow.

Most of the grow light manufacturers give an outline of the PAR value at different statures. It is what you should search for: 

Vegetative stage – PAR value around 400-600 at 24″ 

Blooming stage – PAR value around 600 – 700 at 18″

By and large, lights with higher wattage need to have higher PAR, yet that is not true in every case. You can buy a cheap 1000 watt grow light that really has a low PAR value than a high-quality 600w grow light. When looking for a grow light, it is essential to understand the PAR value than the wattage. If a producer does not unveil the PAR data for their light, get in touch with the seller and inquire!

Skills and Techniques of the Cultivator:

The skills and techniques of the cultivator have to be the most important factor, indeed. The skills and experience of the cultivator will hugely affect the yield you get under a 1000w grow light. One might know everything by reading online or any other learning source; however, learning happens when one implements all that knowledge. Therefore, a few times, people who have grown cannabis might have a better idea and an even better yield as they are experienced and, as they say, “one learns from their mistakes.”

Lastly, to conclude, a light with higher wattage must produce a higher PAR value and, subsequently, a superior yield. Overall, it will deliver more than its 500-watt substitute. As a matter of fact, you can use the time-tested benchmark of .5 to 1 gram for every watt of light. Be that as it may, “how much weed can a 1000 watt light produce?” is actually a rather pointless question now that you are a know-it-all.

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