Why is Homegrown Weed Good?

is homegrown weed good

A cannabis enthu-cutlet? Or a newbie? Doesn’t matter. Many of you might have come across a dilemma that should you grow weed or just buy it from some dispensary? We are sure a plenty of you might have considered the first one. If you stall, haven’t you ever pondered the advantages of growing your own … Read more

How To Grow Weed In A Closet

How To Grow Weed In A Closet

You plan to grow weed, but you don’t live alone, or you live with your parents or are surrounded by nosy neighbors. Hence, you might want to keep your little plan a secret. You might consider growing marijuana in your closet. But again, “Woah, is it really possible? No, I don’t think so”. The genius … Read more

CFL VS HPS : Which One Is Best For You?

​A lot of marijuana enthusiasts and growers spend hours and hours googling about the best equipment to grow weed indoors and something or the other related to it. Once you are sorted out with the growing space, the next thing you need to lay emphasis on is the appropriate lighting. A majority of cannabis cultivators … Read more