Too Much Negative Pressure In Grow Room

While growing in a sealed grow system, we need to imitate the compelling force of nature for the plants. Also, one of the crucial pieces of the job is to guarantee a slight negative strain across the grow room.  However, what if there is an excess of negative pressure in a grow tent or grow … Read more

Best Complete Grow Tent Kits

Newbie growers do not have a lot of outdoor space or land, to begin with, unlike the experienced ones. Beginner growers usually have a small space to work with, and many are clueless about how to set up their grow setups.  Setting up your own growing kit is very easy. However, it can be a … Read more

7 Tips for Venting Grow Tent Into Same Room

Any plant grows well with outdoor air and wind – something that is quite natural. Notwithstanding, when you grow your plants indoors, you need to create this environment artificially. It does not come automatically.  For an indoor grow room or tent, you can use exhaust and venting systems to control the air circulation.  While venting … Read more

How To Cool A Grow Tent

In case there is one thing that pretty much every indoor cannabis grower battles with, the heat which is generated.  Throughout the summer, the mix of hot climate, growing in a small space, and heat produced from grow lights and other equipment drives temperatures far beyond what is required for growing healthy marijuana. Assuming you … Read more