Why Does My Weed Taste Bad: Causes & Quick Fixes

Why Does My Weed Taste Bad

We’ve all been there: taking a hit and expecting a smooth, flavorful experience, only to be met with a taste that’s… off. The short answer? The quality of your weed, its storage, and the method of consumption can all influence its taste. But if you’re curious about the nitty-gritty details and how to ensure every … Read more

Building a Sealed Grow Room: The “ULTIMATE” Guide!

Building a Sealed Grow Room

Building a sealed grow room might seem simple but it requires various resources and techniques. Fortunately, it’s possible with the correct information! Building a sealed grow room helps ensure your plants have a sufficient temperature, and the smells from aspects like buds stay indoor garden space. Doing it the first time can be challenging, especially … Read more

Can You Save a Hermie Plant?

can you save a hermie plant

So, do you suspect any of your plants harboring more than one gender? Could it affect your plants growth or even its bud or harvest quality? Well, it’s possible that we can help save your plant. First things first – can you save a hermie plant? Yes, its likely to save a hermie plant. However, … Read more

Cannabis Leaves Canoeing – #4 Key Reasons!

Cannabis Leaves Canoeing

Cannabis leaves canoeing is a common plant health complication. Have you noticed your bud, or anyone’s plant, experiencing this issue? The leaves start curling, and the plant probably starts experiencing health issues. Have you thought of ways to stop it or even eliminate the entire plant? Well, fret not! Why is that? We have prepared … Read more

Extra Darkness During Flowering

Extra Darkness During Flowering

It’s good that you have noticed the growth compromise your plants faced recently. The extra darkness during flowering issue, right? Well, you are lucky – even if it led to significant damage. Why? Because you are not alone, many other growers (even professional ones) have experienced this issue. Instead of worrying about all your effort … Read more

Light Leak Early In Flowering Stage – 4 Common Reasons Defined!

Light Leak Early In Flowering Stage

You have probably realized the importance of using the right light management system for your grow house.  The reason is that it influences the way your plants will grow. The light cycle signals your plants to start the flowering or fruiting stage.  However, you are still likely to experience issues like light leak early in … Read more