5 Best Grow Light Timer and Buyer’s Guide

A grow light is an essential part of cultivation as it assists with giving consistent and controlled lighting. Having this device is very imperative as it helps in providing the ideal environment for growing the plants in a much better manner. 

With regards to cultivating, controlling access to essential resources, for example, light, can have beneficial results. You can use these resources to manage the usage of light in your nursery. 

It is among a couple of the essential advantages of using a grow room and having this device can give you an upper hand over other growers. 

The best timer lights are available in various sorts and features that you need to consider. At the point when you have one of these units with you, directing your plant’s exposure to light turns into a breeze.

In this article, we have reviewed the best-in-class grow light timers for you, along with a few essential tips and tricks to help you pick the best one. 

Let’s get right into it!

What are grow light timers?

Grow light timers fill in as a controller for your grow light’s power source. A timer sets the light’s exposure to your plants for specific hours every day. To put it plainly, using timers allow your LED grow lights to rest so they can last for a longer period of time. 

Many LED grow lights do not come with timers. It bodes well to add a solid timer if you are planning to invest in a grow light setup. Using timers will give you plenty of advantages to both your plants and your setup.

Advantages of Using Grow Light Timers 

Some of the basic benefits of grow light timers are explained in brief below.


Timers compensate for magnificent solutions for control lights in your nursery, which is a significant asset for plant growth. With a timer installed, your lights are always ready to work when the plants need them, even while you are away. For example, you may be sleeping or maybe away on vacation. In such a case, the light timer will calibrate the lighting corresponding to your particular preferences.

Saves Money

Rather than leaving your light on all the time, for example, when you are out a vacation, it is a smart idea to get a grow light timer. 

It is a technique that assists you with saving money by turning the lights on just when the plants need them. Moreover, these tools usually feature unique sensors that can change the intensity of the light to suit your plants’ particular necessities.

Security and Safety 

You can use it as an instrument for keeping your home safe. How is this possible? Indeed, most high-end grow light timer brands come with the vacation feature. 

It is a component that such brands incorporate to give the impression your home “lived in” when you are not home. The feature works by initiating the light at specific times or responses to a stimulus like development. In this way, it compensates for a superb method to prevent crime.

Plug-In Timers versus Direct Wire Timers

Plug-In Timers – This type of timer is very easy to use and can be installed using DIY methods. You simply plug the wires into a socket, and simply connect it to the grow light you need to control. Typically, this kind allows you to control a couple of devices at once. 

Direct Wire – This kind might require some experience of a professional. This is because they need a direct hardwire installation. They let you control a few devices and give access to multiple programming functions.

Now, let us discuss a few different kinds of Grow Light Timers in detail.

Types of Grow Light Timers

Photocells: A photocell is an extraordinary component that can detect and adapt as per light changes in the environment. Subsequently, grow lights with photocells will automatically adapt to your favoured settings for the best outcomes. 

Mechanical: This type of grow light timer leverages the accuracy of clockwork to work. In most cases, you set this timer by adjusting a dial, which works similarly to a kitchen timer. Besides, you can use it to operate and control devices like lights, grow lights and a lot more.
Digital Timers: Technology has made it easy to tweak the functions of grow light timers. They are easy to use and have many features including programmable timers. Moreover, they also have LCD screens.

Things You Must Watch Out for When Buying a Grow Light Timer?

Features of the Best Grow Light Timer: 

Outlets – A good grow light timer must give at least two outlets through which you can connect the grow lights. 

Programmable Functions – In case, you are someone who tends to go out often for long vacations or work, you must consider getting a light with programmable features for easing your job.

Material Build – You must always make sure to go for a grow light that is made of high-quality materials. You are probably going to move it around or it might be exposed to factors like humidity or dirt over time. Subsequently, it needs to be durable to withstand such issues.

Convenience – A few high-end brands let you adjust the timer’s capacities with respect to specific time factors. These include week, hour, minute, and seconds. Furthermore, they are also easy to use and can meet your specific requirements for plants. 

Top 5 Grow Light Timers You Can Buy in 2022

Smart Digital Programmable Outlet Timer

grow light timer

The Smart Digital Programmable Outlet Timer is a solid and easy to use device in your grow tent. It is an adjustable multi-use timer that is ideally suited for working on the yield of your nursery. The timer is easy to set up and accompanies a few programmable preset day combos for ease. 

The manufacturers of this grow light timer have also included the “Smart Digital” option, which lets you randomize the manner in which your lights work in the power source timer. 

Because of the in-built Ni-MH battery-powered battery, you have a timer that will save your pre-set times, when there is a blackout. The 7-day programmable option makes this unit simple to use and to redo for your tasks.

Pros of the Smart Digital Programmable Outlet Timer

  1. The Smart Digital Programmable Outlet Timer is very easy to use and programme.
  2. It has a 7-Day programmable setting to ease your job.
  3. This grow light timer also comes with a Ni-mH batter in-built that can be recharged.

Cons of the Smart Digital Programmable Outlet Timer

  1. None, whatsoever.

KMC Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer

best timer for grow lights

With the KMC Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer, you have a solid expansion to your gardening routine. This completely programmable outlet timer has a 24-hour setting, 48 on/off programs, and the settings repeat automatically. 

Thusly, it compensates for a very easy to use device for your requirements. Safety is a vital factor to consider with grow lights, and it is out and out what you can expect with the KMC indoor light. You will be satisfied with the grounded three-prong design that makes this unit safe to use. 

As you would expect with all high-end grow timers, this unit has a hardcore design and it offers a good enough life span. It is also easy to use, and you can adjust it to suit your specific requirements. 

Setting up the KMC Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Timer is also a breeze. Why? All things considered, regardless of whether your wall outlet is behind the furniture, you will find this device beneficial to plug in from the side.

Pros of the KMC Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer

  1. It has a grounded three-prong design that is safe to use.
  2. The settings will repeat as per the programme every day.
  3. The KMC Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer comes with two sleek indoor timers.

Cons of the KMC Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer

  1. The KMC Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer could have a better metric display.

VIVOSUN 7 Day Programmable Digital Timer Switch 

timers for grow lights

The VIVOSUN 7 Day Programmable Digital Timer Switch is an astounding addition to your gardening routine. It is a great timer that sparkles faintly enough, and it will not damage your plants. Moreover, because of the rough and old school camera design, this unit is an engaging part of your space. It even comes with a three-prong and grounded socket for easy use. 

It is equipped with an advantageous auto-backup option, you never lose the settings when blackouts happen. You will also think that it is not easy to program the timer’s programmes wirelessly, even from your seat. 

Intended to be flexible, this unit is suitable for different kinds of indoor setups and machines. Having the option to alter the usefulness of a grow light timer needs to be a significant factor to consider. Accordingly, this unit allows you to set up eight autonomous ON/OFF programs in a 7-day plan.

Pros of the VIVOSUN 7 Day Programmable Digital Timer Switch

  1. The VIVOSUN 7 Day Programmable Digital Timer Switch does not sparkle much which is great for plants.
  2. It comes with a backup battery so that you do not lose your settings.
  3. This kit is very easy to use and program as well.

Cons of the VIVOSUN 7 Day Programmable Digital Timer Switch

  1. You might have to buy some extra tools to set this one up.

NEARPOW Dual Digital Light Timer 

best light timer for grow tent

Minimal, solid, and easy to use are the three best ways to describe the NEARPOW Dual Digital Light Timer. These are only a couple of words one can use to portray the NEARPOW Dual Light Timer. It is a three-prong outlet timer, which you can use to control the grow lights in your nursery with exceptional proficiency. 

Moreover, you will find it easy to modify the settings of this unit for different purposes. These include setting specific time settings and access for up to 15 options for the week setting. 

With the vavaction mode, the grow light timer offers a “lived-in” option, which can be a superb safety system. 

On account of the advantageous childproof feature, you are ensured that your place is safe from the changes. It also has a flame resistant ABS insulation material that makes this unit very safe to use.

Pros of the NEARPOW Dual Digital Light Timer

  1. This grow light timer accompanies an arbitrary vacation mode for security.
  2. The flame-resistant ABS protection makes the timer safe to use.
  3. It even has a childproof lock capacity to guard this unit against inadvertent changes.
  4. The durable reinforcement battery of the NEARPOW Dual Light Timer keeps up with every one of your settings.

Cons of the NEARPOW Dual Digital Light Timer

  1. We found this product flawless.
timer for grow lights

Discover the greatness of the BN-LINK 24 Hour Plug-In Mechanical Timer, which compensates for an incredible addition to your nursery. Not at all like the other timers that come with detachable pins, this unit is simple to use and in-built pin. It’s a system that allows you to set the time by squeezing switch pins for helpful use. 

Beside grow lights, this unit is dynamic, whereby you can use it to automate gadgets like aqua-farming, lights, fans, and the sky is the limit from there. Each pin addresses 15 minutes to make the grow light timer easy to adjust. 

You will find it easy to use and set up upwards of 48 ON/OFF programs that you will use to automatise home machines. 

The con of this device implies that it does not have any loose parts. 

Unlike the traditional timers with removable pins, this unit accompanies an easy to use and inbuilt pin that makes it simple to set the timer. You simply need to press switch pins to change the usefulness of the timer.

  1. It does not have any loose parts and is easy to use.
  2. The grow light timer can automate a lot of small home appliances.
  3. The BN-LINK 24 Hour Plug-in Mechanical Timer has a 3-pronged design.
  1. We did not find any cons in this grow light timer.

The yield from your nursery this coming season relies upon your capacity to settle on educated choices. To be precise, you need the right resources to guarantee your plants grow and produce a specific yield.

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