Do Cigarette Filters Filter THC

So, are you planning on getting creative with your cannabis smoking sessions any time soon? Have you thought of using a cigarette filter for your THC? It seems like a good idea, right? The filter helps break down the smoke and makes it healthier to smoke, right?

So, do cigaratte filter filter THC?

Yes, cigarette filters can filter THC, but only in small amounts, and various factors also come into play. These include the cannabis strain, the type of cigarette filter, and the amount of cannabis in each hit. 

Do Cigarette Filters Filter THC?

You should first realize that marijuana contains 4 times more resin than a cigarette. However, it also has more water than tobacco cigarettes. These are two aspects that make the filter prone to clogging issues fast. The tar resin moves into the filter, which produces less volume for air to flow through the filter. 

The tar will also have filled several pores in the filter, decreasing the surface area for filtration. The smoke might also pass through tar in the filter, collecting a small amount of THC.

Introducing water vapor to this equation and having access to high-quality buds, you will notice the flavor decreases in the filtered smoke. 

Fortunately, the amount filtered will be minimal. We have noticed many people like using crutch paper (hard paper converted into a filter-like structure). Doing this ensures you don’t get any tar or resin on your fingers when smoking.

Reasons Why Cigarette Filters Dont Filter THC

There are various reasons cannabis filters dont remove significant amounts of THC:

Reason #1. Filter Design

Cigarette filters are key aspects of cigarettes. Their main role is to reduce the nicotine, tar, carcinogens, and harmful chemical amounts smokers might encounter. 

They usually feature materials like plastic, acetate, and these function to help remove trapped smoke chemicals. However, they aren’t designed to remove any THC. While some THC resin might stick to the cigarette filter, it won’t be significant enough to cause concern. 

Reason #2. THC Chemical Composition

THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is a key ingredient in cannabis plants. It usually occurs naturally and is a fat-soluble product that binds with cannabinoid receptors in the brain. The result is that it produces various body and mental side effects. 

Compared to cigarettes, THC contains barely any carcinogenic or harmful chemicals. The main chemical in cigarettes is nicotine, which is also an alkaloid that exists in the tobacco plant. 

The other chemicals cigarette filters remove include tar, and nicotine, which researchers have associated with myriad health complications. 

Reason #3. The Size of Cigarette Filters

Did you know that THC is significantly smaller than the size of cigarette ingredients? Expect the size of THC to average around 0.1 nanometers. However, cigarette particle sizes can reach upto 3 micrometers. 

The size variance impacts the effectiveness of cigarette filters in removing THC molecules. While THC molecules are small, the cigarette filters only remove the large particles. Thus, cigarettes won’t provide any protection against THC, and they will still show up in your urine tests. 

How to Remove Cigarette Filters to Insert Weed

Here are the steps involved in removing cigarette filters so you can insert some weed:

  1. Hold the cigarette in your hands, with the side you light sitting between your pointing finger and thumb.
  2. Press gently on the cigarette’s tip to remove all the tobacco inside. 
  3. Keep moving your hands forward when removing the tobacco until it reaches the desired level.
  4. Grind some weed bud and start filling it inside where you removed the tobacco.
  5. Use a tool like a toothpick or small pen to help fill the weed inside the solid filter. Remember to be patient to avoid damaging the structure of the cigarette paper.
  6. Once it’s complete, ensure all the weed sits compactly inside the cigarette paper.
  7. Your blunt should now be ready to smoke. 

Best Alternatives for Using Cigarette Filters to Smoke Cannabis 

There are various suitable other options for using cigarette filters to smoke cannabis, including:

Alternative #1. Pre Rolled Joints 

Prerolled joints have become popular among cannabis users for various reasons. These include ease of use, convenience, and improved smoke quality. 

Prerolled joints go through a unique production process as well. It involves grounding cannabis, rolling it into paper, and specific sealing procedures. It comes ready-made for smoking. It reduces the need for a cigarette filter because these production processes make the blunt easy to smoke.

Prerolled joints also exist in various styles and sizes. This makes it easy to pick the type that suits your needs the most. 

The small-sized types are suited for when you dont need significant amounts of cannabis. The short times are ideal for a longer-lasting and fast smoking experience. Most pre-rolled blunts are also made using natural materials – making them perfect for smoking. 

Alternative #2. Glass Pipes or a Bong

We also had to mention glass pipes! Why is that?

Well, glass pipes are affordable, easy to use, and provide high-quality smoke. They also exist in various sizes and shapes, with each offering a unique approach to cannabis smoking. You will come across the sherlocks, chillums, spoon pipes, and bubblers – perfect for smoking with friends. 

Plus, you are also likely to find plain simple, ornately designed, or custom ones for your needs. Glass pipes often have heat-withstanding benefits, making them perfect for smoking. 

Common materials for glass pipes include Borosilicate (the same as for a commercial bong!), which is non-porous, and won’t absorb any smoke or residue produced from the cannabis. 

Alternative #3. Vaporizers 

Vaporizers are also excellent alternatives to using cigarette filters. That is because they provide clean and convenient solutions to consume cannabis.

So, how does a vaporizer work?

A vaporizer works by heating cannabis to a hot temperature to produce its active ingredients in inhalable or vapor form. It is also hot enough to combust the cannabis, thus producing a smoother, and higher quality smoking experience.

Vaporizers also exist in various sizes, shapes and price categories. This makes them ideal for both experienced and new cannabis consumers. Plus, it is also highly efficient in burning cannabsis. This means the vaporizer provides more THC than the traditional cannabis blunt. 

Alternatives #4. Others

There are various other alternatives you can use for cigarette filters, including:

  • Bongs. Bogs are popular because they are easy to use, and you can even prepare your DIY version at home. These are perfect for smoking with friends.
  • Cardboard filters. Set this at the filter tip, but they won’t filter out thc. Simply insert them at the tip of the blunt.  

What is THC and Should It Be Filtered?

THC, also referred to as TetraHydroCannabinol, is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis. 

It often creates feelings of relaxation and euphoria. TCH is also a major component in cannabis plants, alongside other compounds like CBD.

In recent years, the use of smoked cannabis has increased widely due to regulations and drug scheduling changes. It is probably why many of its users are researching alternatives like using cigarette filters for smoking. 

The issue of whether THC should filter is complex because of the relatively new nature of the drug. 

There are various potential benefits of using THC, including improved pain relief and anxiety management benefits. Users must also source their THC products from reputable service providers for the best results. 

Smokers who want healthier lungs can consider using the filters. It removes carbon which is not good for the lungs – even in smoked blunts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Use Cigarette Filters for a Joint? 

Smoking cannabis is possible using a cigarette filter for a joint. You can also use a cardboard joint filter when you have no other option. Tobacco filters will only remove a small amount of THC in marijuana smoke.

Will Smoking a Joint That Has a Filter Reduce Its Potency?

Smoking marijuna that has a filter won’t reduce its potency. That is because the cigarette only eliminates harmful toxins like carbon and not cannabinoids. Filtered joints are also good for health reasons like improved lung functions.

We hope you have better understood the many advantages of filtering your blunts. While it’s good for your lungs, it’s still possible to smoke cannabis without filtering. Using a filter makes rolling the perfect joint easier.

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