Carbon Filter Outside Grow Tent- Guide & Warnings

Regardless of whether it is the solid smell of your plants or a smidgen of funk from humidity, odds are you will need to keep the odors of your grow space to yourself. Assuming you need to keep your activity discreet, or you basically need to keep the scent from your growing area out of your home, you must consider using a carbon filter in your grow room.

What Are Carbon Filters? 

Like most air filters, a carbon filter is intended to cleanse the air that comes into it and exhaust fresh air into the room. These metal cylinders are loaded up with carbon media and connect with a high yield fan to remove smells and particles from the air in your grow room. 

Carbon filters are available in a wide range of sizes relying upon the size of your grow room and the amount of filtration you are searching for. At the point when set up correctly, all the air from your grow room will go through the filter, and the smells in your grow room will vanish.

Installing a Carbon Filter: Inside or Outside Grow Tent Which is Better? 

When it comes to installing a carbon filter, you can decide to put it inside a Grow tent or outside. In any case, placing the carbon filter inside the grow tent is the ideal installation method. 

To begin with, when the carbon filter is installed inside a grow tent, it is not difficult to fasten it to the tent frame safely. It will decrease the vibration and lessen noises coming from your filter. 

Moreover, installing a carbon filter inside a grow tent makes sure that the air coming through your grow fan is filtered. It will reduce the instances of wear and tear that come from air pollutants. 

Lastly, having a carbon filter within a grow tent keeps all tools and ducting inside the tent. It decreases the amount of space you would have to grow your plants. Your indoor space will look spotless consistently. 

So, it is more competent to install a carbon filter inside a grow tent. Nonetheless, this does not imply that setting a carbon filter outside a grow tent is ingenious. 

Certain conditions and reasons will drive you to keep the carbon filter outside the grow tent.

Reasons Why You Should Install A Carbon Filter Outside Grow Tent 

As we mentioned earlier, keeping a carbon filter inside a grow tent is an ideal way to do it. Nonetheless, the accompanying reasons will compel you to keep the grow tent outside a Grow tent. 

The carbon filter needs to be attached to the grow tent frames. In this way, in the event that you cannot rely on the strength of your Grow tent, it is suitable to put it outside the grow tent. 

A carbon filter will weigh between 16-20 pounds. Furthermore, as time passes by, the weight increases. 

The filter needs to be well secured. The most pessimistic scenario that can occur on the off chance that it tumbles from the Grow tent is to bur down in flames and ruin your plants. The fire may increase and burn your whole house. 

In this way, until and unless you can trust the strength of your Grow tent, do not try to put the carbon filter within the grow tent. It will work impeccably when placed outside the grow tent in such cases.

A Small Grow Tent 

Carbon filters come in different sizes. You will find basic carbon filters with a size of 6 inches or 4 inches and a length of 24 inches or 14 inches. 

These are huge dimensions for a small Grow tent. They will consume a space that might have been used to grow your plants.

Save Space 

Assuming you need to save and increase the space in your Grow tent, you can consider putting the carbon filter outside the Grow tent. 

Now and again, the carbon filter could be heavy. Therefore, consider keeping on the floor instead of hanging it over the Grow tent wall. This installation process will devour a lot of space from your Grow tent. 

It is also destructive to keep a carbon filter on the floor of your Grow tent. A carbon filter emits hot air down to the plant and influences its yield. 

Along these lines, in the event that you can not hang the carbon filter and need more space inside your Grow tent, keep it outside.

Essential Steps to Install Your Carbon Filter Outside A Grow Tent

There are two different ways that you can use to install a carbon filter outside the Grow tent. To start with, you can put both the filter and grow fan outside your grow tent. On the other hand, you can decide to put the fan inside and the filter outside the Grow tent. 

Get All The Requirements For Installing a Carbon Filter 

Before you start the entire course of installing your Grow tent, you need first to get every one of the tools and devices required. Coming up next are the top things that you would require.

  1. A carbon Filter and An Inline Fan
  2. Inline fan silencer
  3. Duct flanging unit
  4. Box cutter
  5. Ducting clasps
  6. Duct tape

Every one of these tools will be used in different stages. Get them and be prepared to use them. For convenience, purchase a carbon filter that comes with their inline fan. It will remove the stress of deciding to choose an inline fan.

Installing Both Fan and Filter Outside Grow Tent 

Now and again, you would be needed to keep both the filter and the fan outside the Grow tent. It is expected when the fan-filter combo is required in order to work with the filter. 

The main thing that you need to manage is the noise that comes from the inline fans. To take no chances, buy silent inline fans.

To install both the carbon filter and inline fan outside the Grow tent, follow the steps we have mentioned below.

Stage 1: Prepare the Carbon Filter 

Now that you have purchased your carbon filter remove it from the box and insert its prefilter. Most carbon filters come with elastic bands to help you with securing the prefilter. 

Keep the filter near the Grow tent. 

Stage 2: Put the Grow Fan on the Carbon Filter 

Your aim when keeping a carbon filter and fan outside the grow tent needs to be to make a water/airproof fan-filter joint. To accomplish this, use a tapered end of the fan to the filter. 

Use foil duct tape to wrap the joint firmly. 

Before beginning the entire cycle, make sure that you purchase all that you need for installation. Like for instance, the duct tape does not come with a carbon filter or inline fan.

Stage 3: Create a Ducting and Vent Hole on Your Tent 

If your Grow tent does not come with ducting and vent openings, make a few. Use a duct flanging kit to cut the openings perfectly. 

The main thing to do is to make sure that you keep a similar size of the opening as the fan width. 

In all, measure the distance from your inline fan to the vent opening. Cut a ducting of a similar length using either a wire cutter or box shaper. 

Stage 4: Secure All Connections and Make Them Air Tight 

Use duct foil tape and duct clasp to make sure that there is no air getting away through the whole connection.

Installing the Fan Inside and Filter Outside the Grow Tent

This is an elective method for installing your carbon filter. It is possible when your grow tent is solid or has space to accommodate the filter. 

Follow the simple steps mentioned below and install the carbon filter. 

Stage 1: Prepare the Carbon Filter 

This step is like the first step we talked about earlier. Open the filter and secure the prefilter. For better execution, place the prefilter with an inline fan admission port. This will make it simple to connect both the fan and the filter.

Stage 2: Place the Filter Near The Vent Hole 

Since your fan is set inside the grow tent, you can feel free to put the filter near the vent opening. It needs to be as close as could be expected. The air should be close to the fan to the filter. 

Stage 3: Cut and Connect Ducting 

Cut ducting with the length between the fan and the filter. Use a wire cutter or box cutter to get the ducting appropriately and get the suitable size.

Stage 4: Connect the Fan Flange and Filter Flange 

Connect the ducting on the filter and pass it through the vent opening to connect with the inline fan. Make sure that the ducting does not have any bend to increase the airflow effectiveness. 

Now you have done that, seal the air gaps that could be extra the venting system.

Why Should You Avoid Keeping Your Carbon Filter Outside The Grow Tent?

As we mentioned earlier, putting your carbon filter inside the grow tent is better compared to setting it outside. Coming up next are the top reasons why you should not keep your carbon filter outside the grow tent. 

You will not successfully filter dust, impurities and debris, and different pollutants inside a Grow tent. 

The filter cannot draw and decontaminate enough air from your Grow tent. 

Your fan will be anxious to push more air outside for filtration. 

Additional strain on the filter could cause a fire.

We hope that this article helps you in the best way possible for your carbon filter-related queries.

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