Can You Smoke Wet Weed And How to Dry It

There is nothing more alleviating or comforting than smoking marijuana after a really long and tiring day. Be that as it may, wet weed can be an issue. No one likes it. 

There might be chances that the weed might not have been dried properly, or it might have gotten wet somehow. But, how does one judge if the weed has been dried properly or not? Well, it is pretty easy. 

In case there is a stem attached to the end of the bud, try bending it. A well-cured cannabis will have a stem that breaks. If it bends, that implies that the weed is too wet, and the grower probably hurried the curing cycle. 

Now, addressing the important question, “Can You Smoke Wet Weed?” The answer is no. A big fat “No.”

When the weed is excessively wet, it is difficult to crush, does not burn nicely, often tastes bad, and it is not potent too.

Before we get into “How to Dry Wet Weed?”, let us first learn what are the dangers of smoking wet weed.

Dangers of Wet Weed:

Dangers of Wet Weed

Now that you know that your marijuana is wet, you might be enticed to overlook that and begin using it promptly simply; all things considered, how bad could it be, eh? 

Here are a few of the possible dangers that Wet Weed might possess:

Wet Weed Is Harder to Crush:

Cannabis that is wet is undeniably difficult to grind. If you are a marijauna enthusiast, you might know this very well that you need to grind the weed into really tiny, fine particles to smoke it easily.

For doing that, you might need to grind the weed by using a grinder or something. However, when you put in the wet marijuana in the grinder, the chances of it getting stuck in the spokes are very high, making it difficult for you to grind it down properly.

Terrible Tasting Weed:

If by some wonder you do figure out how to get your joint to light up, you will find that it tastes horrendous. 

This isn’t a result of the flavor or the substance of the cannabinoid that has changed; notwithstanding, when it neglects to light up appropriately, you get excess water vapor blended into the smoke. 

So this gives the weed and smoke a clammy and harsh taste that is not pleasant at all.

Mold Growth In Wet Weed:

Mold Growth In Wet Weed

Wet cannabis is a breeding ground for bacteria and molds. It is one of the reasons why the drying and curing measures are so critical. 

Smoking wet weed is irritating. Smoking rotten cannabis could prompt medical problems like breathing issues, headaches, and even pneumonia.

Sham Alert:

If your weed is actually wet, you have most likely overpaid. Keep in mind, dealers charge you by weight. Wet cannabis is heavier than the dried ones. When you’ve dried your 3.5 grams, it could weigh around 2 grams!

So, you have wet cannabis and realize that you can not use it right away. What can you do to smoke it? 

Here are a couple of tips on drying your cannabis rightly so it is ready for use. These are the commonly used techniques to dry your weed, they are pretty easy, but they do require a lot of attention.

The Rice Method Done on Cell Phones Can Dry Wet Buds Too

It is a technique usually used to protect mobiles that tumbled down in water and tech doused in coffee. The rice method assists with removing moisture slowly and securely. 

Keep the wet cannabis in a brown paper bag or a mason jar, and cover it in uncooked rice to drain the moisture out of the buds. It will need at least a time of 24 hours, contingent upon how moist the buds are.

If in case you are utilizing a mason jar, make sure that the jar’s lid is left open so that the excess moisture can get away. Check the buds once every day until moisture levels are on-point.

When dry, tear the buds open and leave them on a paper towel to help remove any leftover moisture held inside and check again for shape.

Use Brown Paper Bag as a Dehumidifier

Use Brown Paper Bag as a Dehumidifier

This method includes the use of a brown paper bag – the ones you used to carry your lunch in. Now, carefully place the moist buds in that bag and leave them in a dark and dry spot. 

The brown paper bag permits air to circulate to wick away the moisture. This method will also shield the trichomes from additional decay by means of exposure to light and heat.

Humidity Packs Can Help Fix Wet Weed

Humidity Packs Can Help Fix Wet Weed

Assuming that the weed is slightly wet, a humidity pack might be needed to re-establish the bud’s potency.

By placing the moist bud in an airtight container, the plan of the humidity pack opens the bud to the ideal humidity of 62%. 

By placing the moist bud in an airtight container, the plan of the humidity pack opens the bud to the ideal humidity of 62%. 

The advantages of humidity packs work the two different ways. If the cannabis is excessively dry, it will likewise help reestablish moisture. This adaptability makes them the ideal solution for the long-term stockpiling of cannabis.

Things to Avoid When Drying Wet Marijuana

Your craving to begin using your cannabis may result in something that you must avoid in all cases. Here are a couple of things you must never do when you have wet cannabis.

Put It in a Microwave: This is the ‘fast and simple’ method that will obliterate your cannabis. Instead of removing the moisture, the microwave will cook your cannabis and ruin your buds.

Exposing the Wet Weed to Light: Another slip-up is to think that placing the wet cannabis under strong grow lights or sunlight will quickly dry them. That is right. However, you will wind up with very fragile buds.

Using a Hair Dryer: Well, well, well. You can use this technique only if you want to degrade the quality and potency of your weed. 

All of the methods discussed above damage the weeds’ trichomes, containing a large part of the THC that gets you high. At the point when you try to use an instantly dried cannabis, you will end up with an unforgiving and profoundly horrendous smoking experience.

Store Cannabis Correctly to Avoid Problems

To avoid molds or any other cannabis-related accidents, it is always recommended to store your stash in an airtight container. Proper storage is the most important thing ever. We are not exaggerating even a bit. Also, keep the airtight container in a cool and dark place, avoiding any direct light

When it comes to storing cannabis, Mason Jars usually come in highly recommended. And, if clubbed with a Humidity Pack, they help in maintaining the potency and moistness for a longer period of time. Also, many other alternatives are available in the market that work just fine too and help regulate the humidity

It would be a great aid if you learned how to fix wet weed since mishaps occur; the potential loss of a stash is no less than a heartbreak. Anyway, with a couple of basic tricks and tips, you can still smoke weed.

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