Bud Blood VS Bud Ignitor : Which One Is Right For You ?

An abundant harvest flooding with good quality buds is the main aim of cannabis growers. Light, oxygen, and water are three of the pillars to accomplishing that goal; however: fertilizer is as necessary as these three pillars for a healthy yield by promoting an increased bud growth.

Before jumping into the details and the best fertilizers, let us first understand the basics of fertilizers. Sounds good?

What are Fertilizers?

Basically, fertilizer is plant food produced using natural or artificially-made substances that cultivators put in the soil and plants to enhance their growth.

The supplements in fertilizers are extremely useful to all kinds of plants, like potted houseplants, flowers like roses, sunflowers, hydrangeas, and Cannabis.

Why does Cannabis need Fertilizers?

Why does Cannabis need Fertilizers

Vital plant vitamins and minerals present in fertilizers may help cannabis growers cultivate a better yield of weed plants with more prolific leaf growth and, in the long run, better buds.

If you plan on growing large buds, the right cannabis fertilizer can help you arrive at that goal. Without a decent fertilizer, the buds on weed plants may not reach their full development potential. Further, marijuana grown with fertilizer will likely be better by and large, which can mean more wonderful and full-bodied flavor in the buds.

The two most prominent fertilizers are Bud Blood and Bud Ignitor.

“Eh, What?”

What is Bud Blood?

bud blood vs bud ignitor

Bud Blood is a formula that helps your plants to grow bigger, better, and faster. Bud Blood helps your plants reach the blooming stage all the more rapidly that helps you in saving plenty of time, effort, and money for getting excellent quality cannabis.

They contain essential ingredients like phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur in blend with other sprout boosting ingredients, and Bud Blood has the exemplary formulations to make you reap sooner.

How does Bud Blood Help the Marijuana Plants to Grow Bigger, Better, and Quicker?

Bud Blood Bloom Stimulator contains an elite blend of high-grade hydroponic additives explicitly developed by scientists who have devoted their time to studying botanical promoting and development.

This research has allowed these researchers to understand precisely what helps to promote the development of buds and sprouting in Cannabis and have led to the birth of Bud Blood.

Bud Blood is expected to advance the starting of a blooming stage with the help of the two macro-nutrients that are vigorously depended on by the blooming growth of plants, and they are potassium and phosphorus.

By employing Bud Blood in the first two weeks of blossoming, plants dedicate their aerial developing points to starting blossoms sooner. Toward the start of blooming, phosphorus is needed for the production of cytokinins by underlying foundations of plants; these phytohormones climb into shoots and prompt vegetative growing tips to get focused on developing flower tissue and boost branching.

When Bud Blood is used in the initial weeks of blossoming, it will alter the Nitrogen-Potassium proportion, which can improve the speed of induction of the flower in certain species. Many species react to changes in Nitrogen-Potassium proportion when flowering, which upgrades the yield and sex ratios of plants like cucurbits. We will be conversing about this in detail as we proceed.

After the inception of the blooming stage in the rest of the season is a race to biosynthesize bloom forms. We see this occur at the macro level, where forms adequately large enough to be noticeable or held are made in abundance.

You might also see bunches of buds setting, growing, developing, and swelling to the point that the fruit might break the plant due to its weight.

This new growth needs a massive amount of mineral sustenance, particularly the macronutrients contained in Bud Blood. Carbon has the most considerable dry-weight fraction of plant tissue; however, both the potassium and phosphorus found in Bud Blood are among the top six mineral supplements in plant tissues.

As a macronutrient, potassium is calculated in percentages of dry weight, like nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, silica, and calcium. Many flowering genera possess higher measures of potassium and silicates at the ripening stage than any rest of the supplements.

By this, we can state that Bud Blood is an excellent fertilizer for promoting the growth of cannabis plants.

What is Bud Ignitor?

bud ignitor vs bud blood

Bud Ignitor is a marijuana fertilizer specifically designed to be applied in the initial phase of blooming to give cannabis plants the lift they need to develop without any hurdles.

This enhancer expands the creation of buds and branches, reducing the internodal distance in a similar space with more prominent production.

Why should you consider using Bud Ignitor for growing Cannabis?

Bud Ignitor is meant to be used during the initial growing phase. Consider bringing into play a Bud Ignitor fertilizer to empower foliar development while creating plentiful budding sites.

The issue with most fertilizers is that they minimize the significance of nitrogen and potassium, zeroing in on phosphorus which is pointless. It requires the marijuana grower to apply huge loads of bud boosting products along with early vitamins right before the final stages.

Your plant needs to have sufficient energy to make budding sites – without these, and buds cannot be made. Help your plants retain potassium and phosphorus by using Bud Ignitor during the initial weeks for stimulating bud creation.

During the flowering stage, you need to add nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, contingent upon deficiencies and some kind of stimulant. In the early stages of growth, it is advisable to add nitrogen, as this can help invigorate stem and leaf development, just as to ensure your plant against potential issues. Be that as it may, one might necessitate to scale down on nitrogen once you are prepared for your plants to create buds and, obviously, flowers and fruits.

Now that we have intimated all the necessary information about both Bud Blood and Bud Ignitor, we are sure that you might have some questions in your head regarding which one shall you opt for. Right?

So, without any further adieu, let the war begin!

Bud Blood versus Bud Ignitor: Which One Shall You Opt For?

After considering the facts, reviews, and usage of both the products, we would like to conclude that it depends on various other factors on what might work the best for you. We do not mean to favor one and discard the other one.

If you plan on cultivating completely organic products for a superior taste, aroma, and a better yield, you must consider going for Bud Ignitor as your bloom booster.

Whereas, if you don’t mind compromising the pot’s quality and are fine with chemically grown products, you can opt for Bud Blood.

Pro Tip: You can also combine Bud Blood and Bud Ignitor and use them in careful proportions for an excellent result as well.

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