How To Cool A Grow Tent

In case there is one thing that pretty much every indoor cannabis grower battles with, the heat which is generated.  Throughout the summer, the mix of hot climate, growing in a small space, and heat produced from grow lights and other equipment drives temperatures far beyond what is required for growing healthy marijuana. Assuming you … Read more

2×2 Grow Tent Yield

The great thing about growing cannabis is that it does not require a lot of space to grow. It is fit for growing any place you want to. Moreover, as long as it is well-equipped with proper nutrients, proper temperature, and lights, you can get an excellent yield regardless of the space. So you concoct … Read more

How to Hang Grow Lights From Ceiling

How does one their hang grow lights? This is a regularly asked question. It implies that many people are battling with their grow lights installation. Thus, if you have ended up in the same situation, you are in good company.  One thing we would like to say before we proceed is, breathe! Installing grow lights … Read more

How To Smell Proof A Grow Room

One issue many people have with weed and people who grow weed is the smell that the marijuana plant produces. In case that you have at any point grown cannabis earlier, you know just the thing we are talking about. Indeed, for people who cherish marijuana, there is nothing like the fragrance of it. But, … Read more

Flowering Light Cycle Interrupted- Here’s How to Solve It

Flowering Light Cycle Interrupted

Interrupting lighting for your plants during any phase of growth can prompt disastrous changes. Plants do have circadian rhythms. Therefore, they react distinctively to light.  A lot of different perspectives may interfere with your plants. For example, kids playing around the grow room might turn the lights off by mistake or mess with the lighting … Read more

Best LED Grow Lights

Growing fruits and vegetables indoors is unimaginable, or rather, you might not have a good indoor garden without any light. Also, the natural light required by the plants may not be sufficient, particularly during the winters or in a chilly climate.  Even though a few houseplants can survive in low lighting, you need to take … Read more

Can You Smoke Wet Weed And How to Dry It

Can You Smoke Wet Weed And How to Dry It

There is nothing more alleviating or comforting than smoking marijuana after a really long and tiring day. Be that as it may, wet weed can be an issue. No one likes it.  There might be chances that the weed might not have been dried properly, or it might have gotten wet somehow. But, how does … Read more