2×2 Grow Tent Yield

The great thing about growing cannabis is that it does not require a lot of space to grow. It is fit for growing any place you want to. Moreover, as long as it is well-equipped with proper nutrients, proper temperature, and lights, you can get an excellent yield regardless of the space. So you concoct the best yield as could be expected. 

Now, if a land area is available but, on the other hand, assuming you need to build a grow room in a more discreet place.

Then, at that point, making a grow room as small as 2×2 could do wonders as well. One must also remember that just because the tent is tiny does not mean that the yield will be low.  

We are here to guarantee you that this is not the situation. Hence, we have devoted this article to help growers. 

Especially those with a tiny 2×2 grow tent. We will help you figure out how to increase the yield, notwithstanding the limitations.

Potential Yield From A 2×2 Grow Tent

By and large, most growers would consider a good 10-ounce or a 0.625-pound yield. You might think that it is reachable coming from a tent size of 2×2. All things considered, remember that there are no undeniable certainties. There are a lot of elements that impact the growth of plants. 

Be that as it may, a few blends of routines might give you extraordinary results and high yield. Remember, this might work for some and might not work for some. 

But, you actually need to draw in your concentration and observation. 

From this, you can know which method works best to your fullest advantage. That is the only way for you to get the most detailed documentation of the probable results of your intercessions.

Factors That Determine Best 2×2 Grow Tent Yield

The space of your grow room is the main factor that decides the yield. Here, we are discussing a 2×2 grow tent. 

Nonetheless, a few other primary factors will decide the yield you will get from your plants. 

Let us discuss them in detail as we proceed.

Types of Grow Light:

2x2 grow tent setup

This aspect relates to the kind of grow light used and its wattage. Different types of grow lights have different sorts of impacts on the plants. When in doubt, we recommended using a light intensity of 30 watts for each 1 square foot of growing area. All in all, you would, in all probability be needing between 120 to 140 watts for a grow tent size of 2×2.

Yet, you might also need to consider that plants will only retain 60% of the light source from the lights. Most definitely, let us do a simple calculation to help you with figure how we think of the numbers: 

Wattage needed for yield:

Actual light intensity needed = 120 to 140 watts; Or, on average, 130 watts. 

130 x 100/60 = 216.67 watts; Or adjusted as 220 watts.

Therefore, 220 watts of light is generally suitable to use for a 2×2 tent. Using that as a base, you can either opt to use a single 220-watt bulb or multiple bulbs that are around 120 watts each.

Plus, remember too that the more light there is, the hotter space will be. Basically, it builds the propensities of overheating the grow tent. Therefore, you need to design your light setup in a way that no overheating issues are ever caused.

There is a lot more to the light setup for a grow space. Be that as it may, we are just talking about light intensity and types of grow lights here. 

Now, let us talk about the types of grow lights. 

The three commonly used grow lights that work the best fir a 2×2 grow tent are:

Fluorescent Lights 

HID Lights 

LED Lights 

These three types have varied light emission levels. Hence, by using varied combos, you will get varied outcomes in your 2×2 grow tent. 

Right now, we will discover the best grow light for 2×2 grow tent yield!

Yield under Fluorescent Grow Lights 

2x2 grow tent kit

Fluorescent Grow Lights are pretty popular among growers for some reason. CFL and T5 are the two kinds of fluorescent grow lights. 

In a lot of grow tents, CFL lights are used. T5 lights are typically used in large spaces.

Now, we will be discussing the yield of CFL lights. 

Light Emission: CFL lights deliver 1500 lumens by consuming 30 watts. 

Yield Count: A few studies have led us to an overall yield count under CFL lights. This overall yield count is-0.25 grams of buds/watt. 

In this way, your maximum yield in a 2×2 tent under CFL lights will be-55 grams or 0.12 pounds.

Yield under High-Intensity Discharge or HID Grow Lights 

2x2 grow tent yield

As far as yield and lumen are concerned, HID grow lights are more efficient than fluorescent ones. 

There are three kinds of HID Grow Lights. They are:

  • Metal Halide (MH) 
  • High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) 
  • Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH)

You can include reflectors or hoods to get the most out of the light energy. In any case, this method has its drawback as well. Adding reflector hoods generates more heat. To control this, you need to build an airflow control.

Now, how about we take a look at the yields of HID Grow Lights?

Light Emission: HID grow lights emit around 1250 lumen for every 30 watts. 

Yield Count: You can expect a yield rate of 1 gm of bud/watt by using HID grow lights. Along these lines, for 220 watts, it will be 220 gm or 0.49 pounds. 

PS: Use MH lights at vegetative stages and use HPS lights during the blooming phase. It will take your yield count to the maximum.

Yield Under LED Grow Lights 

LED grow lights are a boon for budget growers. These lights emit a tremendous amount of light at a low power cost. Also, the best part about these lights? 

These are way cooler than other grow lights. Hence, you do not need to empty your pockets to install a heat control system

A lot of growers prefer using a combo of LED Lights and HPS Lights. The overall thought is that a LED+HPS combo will deliver more sticky buds.

Now, let us discuss the yield that you can get using LED Grow Lights!

Light Emission: LED grow lights can give you 1250 to 2000 lumen by consuming 13-20 watts. Up until this point, LED lights are the most efficient grow lights. 

Yield Count: LED deliver slightly less yield than HPS lights. For LEDs, the yield rate is 0.5 grams/watt. Thus, if you use a 220-watt LED in your 2×2 grow box, you will get a 110-gram yield. In other systems, it will be a 2×2 grow tent yield of 0.24 pounds. 

This yield would be really great, considering the minimal expense of LED lights

2×2 Yield Under Different Plant Training Styles 

Are you wondering if the plant’s density has any impact on the total yield?

Well, let us clean this for you. High plant density can cause plants to suffocate and lead to some different issues. Then again, low plant density implies the wastage of space. 

And now comes the plants’ size-related issues. Bigger plants now and then square up a lot of air and light. 

To prevent any sort of plant size-related issue, you need to properly understand the plant size guide for a 2×2 grow tent. 

To prevent plant density-related issues, you initially need to choose your growing style. 

All in all, What is your preferred growing style? SOG, ScrOG, Bush, Mesh, or Low-Stress Training?

We have got you an ideal plant density guide for each growing style. Let’s get right into it!

  • If you are planning for SOG, you can grow from 4 to 16 plants/sq. Meter. Thus, in your 2×2 grow tent, you can grow 5-6 plants using this technique. 
  • If you are in the mood for Pruning, you can grow just one plant in your grow tent. 
  • If you are planning for a low-stress training method, you can grow four plants/sq. Meter. For a 2×2 grow tent, that is one plant. 
  • Lastly, if you are going for ScrOG, one plant is sufficient for a 2×2 grow tent.

You must be wondering about how much yield can you get from a 2×2 grow tent. Right?

Indeed, to address your query, we need to know your definition of maximum yield.

Do you need an increased total yield? If, go for ScrOG. Simply give it some time, and it will give you the maximum yield. 

Do you need the maximum extreme yield per plant? If yes, again, go for ScrOG. Through this technique, one plant can yield more than 16 clones. 

Do you need the greatest yield per kWh? Assuming it is ayes, go for SOG. You will have the option to start with more photosynthetic material. Subsequently, your tent will fill quickly. 

Do you need the maximum yield every month? Assuming it is a yes, a 2×2 SOG yield will be sufficient. More plants imply a faster fill-up of your grow tent.

These methods will help you get the maximum yield as per your plans. 

2×2 Yield for Different Strains 

Strain type is another significant player in deciding your grow tent yield. With the right strains, you can take your yield count to the next level. 

Other than yield count, strain types also affect the plant quality. 

A few good strains that work the best for 2×2 grow tents are:

Amnesia Haze 

2x3 grow tent

Produced from old Haze genetics, Amnesia Haze is a high-yielding, amazing sativa relished by many. It offers an invigorating high, is not difficult to grow, and does not need a huge outdoor space. Since the strain is categorized as an auto-blooming plant, it flourishes well indoors with insignificant sunlight and space. 

Amnesia Haze grows to a medium height in both indoor and outdoor conditions. It is a highly effective strain and delivers great yields. When grown indoors, the plant reaches a height of between 80 – 140 cm. 

Critical Kush 

2x2x4 grow tent

Critical Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid between the popular OG Kush and even Critical strains. The size of the plant allows you to grow it in a tiny, restricted space. When grown indoors, the strain reaches around 60–100 cm. 

Regardless of its minimal structure, Critical Kush delivers good yields on account of the high number of blossoms that transform into flavourful buds. 

The blooming period keeps going around 7 – two months and the harvest happens in late September. The average Critical Kush crop yields 500–550 gr/m2. Its high THC level makes it an incredible strain for relaxing up both the psyche and the body. 

Royal Dwarf 

2x2 grow tent

The name of this one says everything. Tiny, quick, discreet – that pretty much summarizes the Royal Dwarf strain. Regardless of whether you are a newbie or are searching for a fast-growing cycle, this strain hits the right spots. Royal Dwarf is also great for growers with a tiny space and those hoping to keep things cautious.

Royal Dwarf is a tiny cannabis type that can grow upto 40cm tall when cultivated in the right way.

White Dwarf 

The White Dwarf strain is a short-growing and auto-flowering plant that its size can characterize. It works like magic for tiny spaces and is ready for harvest in under two months.

The strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. The White Dwarf is usually suitable for newbie growers who are looking for a low maintenance plant.

The seeds produce tiny bushy plants that grow to a height of 30–50 cm. The leaves are greenish, and the buds are dense. When grown indoors, White Dwarf does best in rich fertilizer in individual pots. And, since it is an autoflowering plant, you don’t have to adjust the lighting to initiate blooming. 

Easy Bud 

Easy Bud is the perfect strain for beginners. It is a heavenly indica-dominant strain that is very similar to Royal Dwarf. The plant generally goes unnoticed any place it is grown, reaching a normal height of 50 cm. 

It implies that it is feasible to grow Easy Bud in void cabinets, down-low upper attic spaces, and discreet corners. The strain can be grown anyplace – outdoors, indoors, on the windowsill, or in nurseries.

Well, there are a lot many such strains that you could use in your 2×2 grow tent and get the maximum yield.

Now, let us discuss about measuring the yield.

Measuring Yield

A lot of people do not have any idea about the right way of estimating yield. 

The yield’s weight is the weight of dried buds. 

Buds normally ingest a lot of water because of the plant respiration amount.

After the collection of buds, the buds are dried out through a thorough drying process.

Notwithstanding the strain types, wet buds lose around 70%-75% of their weight during the drying process.

A Few Tips to Max Out Your 2×2 Grow Tent Yield

We have gotten together a few tips and tricks for you that may prove to be fruitful while growing. Let’s get right into it!

Avoid Using Soil

Hydroponics is the OG these days. Growers prefer using hydroponics over the soil lately. Moreover, we have some strong reasons to support this. They are:

  • In hydroponics, you can manage the supplement amount as compared to the soil. 
  • It is very simple to mess with the soil pH and TDS.

Use the ScrOG Method 

Do you know how much weed you can grow by using the ScrOG Method? 

Well, well, well. After using the ScrOG Method, you will be amazed to see a yield hike of 10%-20%. 

Let’s discuss this in a bit more detail!

  • Top your plant leaves.
  • Install a screen at 12″- 15″ over those plants.
  • Tie your plants to the screen once they grow 4 inches through the screen. 
  • Lastly, a good ‘blanket’ of tops will satisfy your eyes. 

Other than the satisfying sight, you will reap some additional benefits like- 

– No wastage of lights.

– Soft and bushy buds.

Control Air and Temperature 

Even after dealing with the main factors, a few growers fail to get a beautiful yield. 

The reason being an absence of interest in air and temperature control that leads to a critical yield drop. 

You might be wondering how does one control the temperature and air? Well, it is very easy. Let us guide you through the process.

Firstly, you need to guarantee a proper 2×2 grow tent ventilation. For this, you will need a good fan for a 2×2 grow tent. That is not all; you need to install a 2×2 grow tent carbon filter for proper ventilation. 

These are for airflow control. Plants need proper airflow so that water and carbon dioxide stir up evenly all through the tent. 

However, merely a proper airflow can not ensure that your plants are safe from moulds. For that, you need to get a 2×2 grow tent dehumidifier. 

Now, go get it right and make the most out of your 2×2 grow tent!

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